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Why Unionize with IAM?

  • Higher wages than non-unionized workers
  • Retirement security with the IAM Pension Plan
  • Better, less expensive health benefits
  • More paid sick leave you can use when needed
  • Improved health and safety at your worksite

Let us be YOUR advocate. Get representation and support to make a positive change in your workplace.

We are committed to better workplaces, better communities, and better lives workers in Ontario.

Justice on the job and Service to the Community. That’s the motto of the IAM. We’re a union that believes that there’s more to life than just work.

We advocate for respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace. We work to create positive relationships with employers, while seeking fair pay and good benefits through contract negotiations for your hard work.


Magellan Aerospace


The IAM Pension gives me the option to take early retirement.

Now I can retire with dignity knowing that that I can support myself and my family.

The IAM Pension is union-controlled. So, even if the company goes out of business, I’m secure knowing I’m still entitled to my benefits.

Mike Beard, Magellan Aerospace



IAM provides tremendous and unparalleled hands-on labour education opportunities to help its members affect positive change in the workplace.

Being an IAM member means being empowered with the skills to fight for dignity and respect on the job.

Stephen Michalowicz, Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT)

Members Represented by IAM Local 1922


Scholtz & Bickenbach

Colortech Inc.


UFCW Clerical

UFCW Field Staff

Wajax Industrial

Magellan Aerospace Tech


Volvo Canada

Ecojustice Sierra


IAM Local Lodge 1922

Local Lodge 1922 is a member of IAM District 78 which represents workers across Ontario.

Unionize. Join IAM.
IAM District 78

557 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 6K1