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IAM Aerospace Strategy Report

IAM is a Leader in Aerospace

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) is the leading union in the aerospace sector and the air transportation industry. We are the largest union in the air transport sector in Canada and in North America. The IAMAW represents over 55,000 members across Canada, of which 22,000 work in the aviation, aerospace and air transportation sector.

As many of our members work in aerospace, the IAMAW not only has a vested interest in advocating for our members but also in ensuring that the industry that sustains the Canadian economy continues to thrive in the future. Our members are at the heart of the aerospace industry; they build quality products Canada is known for and sought after. They experience the impact of highlevel policy decisions, global competitive forces, and trade deals on a daily basis, both in their workplaces and communities. This is why the vitality and strength of the industry is of a particular concern for us and gives the IAMAW a unique perspective and insight into challenges that lay ahead, opportunities and a way forward that places Canada on the path of continuing to be an influential and relevant player in the global market.

With this policy paper we aim to raise issues the industry is currently facing, the most critical being a severe labour shortage. While our members depend on jobs in the industry, the IAMAW understands the issue extends beyond this; the consequences of neglecting issues the industry is facing will have broader socio-economic repercussions. It is in the interest of labour, industry and government to work together to solve this increasingly complex problem.

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