WHEN: September 4th, departure at 9:30 AM sharp!

WHERE: Queen and University Avenue

The annual Labour Day Parade will feature over 20,000 labour members honoring the past, present, and future victories of the Labour Movement.

This year, we highlight our collective strength and solidarity with this year’s theme  “Year of the Union. Worker Power, Lifting Communities.” As we march through the heart of Toronto, we’ll be showcasing the vital role that unions play in improving our workplaces, our neighbourhoods, and our lives. From workplace challenges to the cost of living crisis, it’s through our collective power that we can inspire positive change, and uplift not only ourselves but also the communities we’re a part of. When we stand together, we can uplift entire communities!

Let’s march in solidarity, showing the world the true impact of worker power! Let’s continue to advocate for fair treatment, better conditions, and a brighter future for all!

For more information, contact: Toronto & York Region Labour Council 416 441 3663

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